Our Focus

Our Proven History

With more than 75 years combined in health plan technology and operations, our team is your trusted partner combining extensive industry skills with strong technology. Our custom solutions and team of experts have been saving our clients invaluable time and money since our company’s inception.

Beacon provides innovative enterprise class solutions that ensure greater accountability, accuracy and efficiency. 

Contact us today to find out how we can help you measure and understand how our technology solutions can better help you.

Beacon’s core focus is to optimize and make proactive your plan’s Operations, Risk Management, Compliance and Analytics functions through the use of customized monitoring and management technologies and professional services.

Our solutions address all of the regulatory requirements a health plan has while incorporating many of CMS’ best practices. The complete toolkit includes:

  • Pre-populated audit worksheets to measure, identify and resolve non-compliance before CMS does.
  • Automated operational monitoring system to move your organization to a higher level of clarity.
  • Tools for completing targeted and enterprise Risk Assessments – a CMS requirement.
  • Process to capture and resolve CAPs, Beneficiary Impact Analysis and Compliance Tracers.
  • Centralized system for tracking and managing HPMS memos, compliance and operational work papers.
  • A one of a kind regulatory Guidance Center to ensure information is easily accessible, understandable and actionable.
  • Case Wizards to ensure appropriate classification of appeal, grievance and coverage determinations.
  • Dashboards for daily monitoring of events and correspondence to ensure CMS deadlines are met timely.
  • Document tracking solution to help demonstrate appropriate actions and steps were taken to meet CMS requirements.

Complete access to a robust reporting environment empowering users to meet internal and external reporting requests without IT support.