​​​Active Operational Monitoring is offered in Beacon's Virtual Operations Manager (VOM)

Beacon’s VOM provide rule packs for Enrollment, Claims, Part D, Appeals & Grievances,
Sales & Marketing.

Example of Enrollment Case Study Outcomes:

VOM is the only industry solution that imports your enrollment and disenrollment
​transactions on a daily basis.  

VOM will run these transactions against our Enrollment Rule Pack and will identify on a daily

basis any transactions that: 

  • are currently out of their timeliness requirement 
  • are at risk of being out of their timeliness requirement 
  • are incomplete or inaccurate and lead to CMS-avoidable submissions 

VOM will place these transaction exceptions into a plan specific workflow which will: 

  • automatically recommend next steps to correct based on our expert knowledgebase 
  • help you manage the work and create resolutions 
  • report where the problems are coming from and how you are doing against your operational goals 

 VOM provides c
ontinual and automated monitoring of CMS transactional data 

  • you decide the sample size and frequency  
  • capture and consolidate compliance work papers 
  • dashboard reporting to easily view risk areas 
  • performs an automated review of your plan’s data to identify any areas of non-compliance 
  • provides a single source of truth for plan compliance and data 
  • includes over 1,000 proprietary audit algorithms as part of our service 
  • includes over 1,500 corrective action plans to help resolve specific issues as required by CMS 
  • tracks all steps performed to resolve compliance exceptions 


Active Operational Monitoring