Audit Workflow Management


Audit Workflow is managed with Beacon's Virtual Compliance Manager (VCM).

VCM is a robust compliance performance and management system that delivers the results

health plans need to maintain proactive compliance program.

Audit Workflow Management provides:

Streamlined operations

  • Reduces time required to monitor and track compliance efforts
  • Decreases costs used measure effectiveness
  • Improves the quality and efficiency of your compliance auditing program
  • Includes over 1,000 proprietary audit algorithms as part of our service
  • Includes over 1,500 corrective action plans to help resolve specific issues as required by CMS
  • Tracks non-compliant data for complete Beneficiary Impact Analysis reporting

Daily visibility into your compliance performance

  • Promote enterprise transparency and accountability
  • Review compliance-driven metrics
  • Manage workloads and complete tasks on time
  • Complete audit system with built-in rules, programmed worksheets and formal audit reports. 
  • Capture and consolidate compliance work papers
  • Dashboard reporting to easily view risk areas